“Amanda’s classes had a profound influence on my feelings about the birth and my central role as a father within it. The classes enabled me to approached the whole experience with a sense of oneness, love and closeness and I also felt much more confident of my place in the process of preparing for and giving birth. The classes removed any sense of anxiety about the birth, instead they gave me a feeling of excitement, warmth and confidence. Thank you Amanda! ” Julian Temblett Wood

“Our birth was wonderful and a true blessing. We could not have achieved it without your support and knowledge and love during the meetings that we had. The information that you gave us was so helpful and Bruce and I kept our connection throughout the birth. We did lots of kissing and I kept thinking about accepting love and knowing that support is there for me!” S.B

“Amanda’s class allowed us to practice what is so important when preparing for birth – being able to maintain a state of calm and creating a welcoming loving atmosphere for the new earthling. Having the classes together with my husband really enabled us to have time to sink into the experience, practice the breathing and positions and feel very prepared. We had a successful and gentle home birth after 5 hours of labour.” Monika, East Sussex.

“Thank you for such an inspiring, uplifting, empowering, calming, strengthening and nurturing course. I am particularly grateful for the work we did on our emotional blocks to free us of a number of fears that could have made our baby’s birth a lot less harmonious. Keep up the good work – giving dads the chance to be active during their child’s birth, for the benefit of all.” J.E.

“A wonderful course and a beautiful and powerful way for dads to be as actively involved as possible and truly share the whole birth experience.” S.L. co-birthing dad, Sussex

“Thank you ever so much for the beautiful, profound and loving way in which you led us on our journey towards the birth of our baby. Co-Birthing: Spending such precious, sacred time together with my partner and our unborn baby was a wonderful experience, which strengthened all of us in preparation for our daughter’s birth.” LJ, Sussex

“The Co-Birthing course was just what my husband and I needed. Neither of us had experience with pregnancy and birth or babies and felt daunted by the upcoming birth. Amanda helped us explore our feelings and find inner confidence. We were able to work through our issues and concerns together with Amanda’s support. This made us much stronger as a couple and a co-birthing pair. The class was both spiritual and practical meeting our needs on multiple levels.” B.T. Sussex

“I owe so much to you and your lovely manner in preparing me for childbirth. It’s amazing to be a mother, words cannot explain it.” Valerie, Sussex.

“My husband and I decided to have a home birth for our second child. We attended various workshops to prepare for the birth, most notably Amanda Edwards. Our birth was wonderful and a true blessing. We could not have achieved it without your support and knowledge and love during the meetings that we had. The information that you gave us was so helpful and we kept our connection throughout the birth.” Saskia – 2nd baby born at home.

“I was very grateful for the session and I am delighted to say that it really helped me prepare for a totally natural and intervention-free birth. As the music played and you spoke, it helped me feel an inner calm and somehow exorcised the fears that existed, which perhaps I didn’t want to acknowledge prior to the session.” Sara – 2nd baby born at home, unexpectedly due to a 2hr labour.

“Amanda was recommended to me by a friend who also had a c-section followed by a successful home birth. My work with Amanda was wonderful and very easy. I started off feeling like I was a failure somewhere down the line, during my previous two births, which was clearly not the case and she helped me to see, that all births are wonderful and we can have what we want if we can perceive it and are focused on what it is that we desire. Amanda also gave me great tools to use during the birth. Explanations on what is happening to us when we are opening not contracting and I got everything I needed from her.” N.R – 3rd baby born at home.

“I wanted to thank you for all the classes and support you have given me in the past few months. I felt they were very useful for a variety of reasons like keeping me in shape, preparing me mentally and providing me with some equipment…” Valerie – 2nd baby born at home.

“I attended Amanda’s birth classes and this led me to think about labour in a different way, than before.” Rebecca – 4th baby born at home.

“When the contractions got stronger and so did the pain I kept hearing Amanda saying ‘say YES, open up with each push, relax the perineum’ and so in not more than three pushes my baby was out.” G.H. – 3rd baby born at home.

“Thank you for your wonderful classes.” Elizabeth – 1st baby

“I looked forward to Friday mornings and Amanda’s active birth class. With two young children already it was sometimes the only space I had to stop and spend time with my growing baby and with my pregnant self. Pregnancy is not easy for me and I valued the constant support that Amanda gave. She even challenged me to line up support after the birth which resulted in friends bringing hot meals to our home for six weeks after our baby was born. I would never have asked without her encouragement.” Kim E.Sussex

“Thank you for leading such a lovely ceremony today. It was really beautiful and I’m sure it will be remembered for many years to come by all those attending.” Stephanie Terreni Brown

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