happiness counselling & conflict resolution

Uses your Spiritual Intelligence – SQ – to develop your capacity for meaning, vision and value which helps you to live up to your potential for a more peaceful and satisfying life.

” The purpose of your life is to find your gift, the meaning of your life is to share it.” – Pablo Picasso

Happiness Counselling

Happiness Counselling has developed out of my training as an Interfaith minister. During my two years at the Seminary we looked at how to counsel or help our clients find their Truth – who we really are and what our purpose is. When we start to uncover this truth, the realisation that we are fully supported and fully loved, by an energy that is infinite and eternal, brings a sense of peace and joy into our every day.

When I sit together with you, we engage our Spiritual Intelligence to look at issues in your life and to use them as metaphors or reflections about your inner beliefs. How you perceive something or someone, is more about you and your inner beliefs, rather than about them.

 “Amanda has a gentle, loving approach that makes you feel safe and held as you explore the work that is needed to reach a more peaceful and loving place.”

That is why we all perceive things slightly differently as we are seeing the situation through our own lens and that lens has certain beliefs attached to it. Having said that, we do have a collective lens, called the finite or egoic mind, and this mind sees things as finite, limited, not good enough and lacking. This finite mind is judgmental, punishing and sees the world as separate to itself. It is the mind that feels we are a victim and have no real influence over our life and that we can only make the best out of the little we have.

If this is our truth, then the universe and Creation must hold these truths too as we can only reflect our Source – we cannot be apart from what created us. As we carry the traits and genes of our ancestors, so too must we collectively carry the traits of the universe.

If you look at the wonders and beauty of the created world, you are seeing yourself and the infinite and eternal nature of your true Self. You will realise that at the core of your Being lies eternal Happiness – your true nature.

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Conflict Resolution

This coaching will help you to understand how you approach conflict and how to reach a win-win situation. We will explore the five styles that you have open to you when faced with conflict. Does your usual response heal or fuel the conflict? Do you resolve conflict successfully and manage to reach a place of peace with the person or situation you are in conflict with? If not you may want to learn how you can change your approach so peace is achievable. Become aware of your habitual response and how you could try another approach so that the conflict dissolves. Living with and in conflict with yourself, others, or organizations is very stressful and debilitating. Let conflict become an invitation to transform something rather than something that drains your energy, your peace and your joy. It is easier than you think. I work with individuals and with teams.

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