birth stories

All births are beautiful and sacred, no matter what the ‘story’ of that birth is.
There are many different journeys to being born and each one has a gift in it.

Since training with Janet Balaskas in Active Birth in 1997, I have been involved with many, many births. Over the years I have, as time moves on, lost touch with many of those families so I do not have all those stories here. Enjoy reading some of the stories from families (choose from the drop-down menu under birth stories) where I was honoured to be involved in some way and if you are an ‘old’ or ‘new’ client and you would like your birth story to be here and in my forthcoming book, please do email me.

Enjoy reading some of the stories from families – choose from the drop-down menu under birth stories

“My birth was an experience I will never forget and without your help, I am sure it would have been more traumatic. Everybody is amazed at how quick it was and I tell them all it was a joint effort! “

“The labour and birth itself was an incredibly powerful experience and I think something else was birthed in me that night apart from our precious baby. Definitely the most earthy, powerful and ancient night of my life.”

“Thank you hugely for calling in the angels and for supporting me at the birth of my baby.”

“A huge thank you for being at the birth of our baby. Your support was fantastic!”

Click to see an inspiring YouTube clip of a Breech birth at home.

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