Love2Birth offers a refreshing approach to birth, a birth that is loving, gentle and joyful.

As well as offering the best preparation for your body, Love2Birth acknowledges birth as more than purely physical, exploring the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. Through the unfolding story of your pregnancy and birth, you can discover a deeper sense of your Self. Each baby awakens in us a new awareness of who we Are.

I recommend my blend of Acupuncture and Happiness Counselling, before conception (if possible) and throughout pregnancy, prior to the birth and afterwards. These treatments accompany you, as your pregnancy unfolds and are designed to help keep you in a state of balance. These treatments can also be taken up at any time, when needed. Fathers can also benefit from this support during the pregnancy. Some clients decide that they only wish to have Acupuncture or Happiness Counselling, and so I treat them with the one modality that they prefer.

Acupuncture balances the Yang, which is the growing, warming and moving force in the body and the Yin, which is the nourishing, cooling and resting force in the body. All are needed for pregnancy and birth. Acupuncture can be useful to enhance well-being in the early weeks if ‘rebellious Qi” is invading the stomach which can be experienced as nausea.

The acupuncturist Debra Betts has an interesting website on acupuncture during pregnancy. Have a look Here

Fears about this pregnancy and birth or a disappointment over a previous one can be explored with Happiness Counselling. The position of a baby in the womb can reflect how the mother is feeling. She may be nervous about giving birth, holding onto previous experiences or not yet aligned within herself to give birth. This may be that she is not yet ready to let go of the pregnancy or is apprehensive about motherhood and the changes that she perceives it will bring. She may be exhausted by doing too much or by working late into her pregnancy. Happiness Counselling can be helpful in looking at all these issues and why we create stress in our lives. As an example, one woman whose baby was in a breech position came to me for counselling, as she felt reluctant to birth her beautiful baby into a world that she perceived as unloving and harsh. Through the Happiness Counselling, she was able to perceive the world differently and to see the benefit of birthing the Light or Innocence of her baby into the world for the healing of the planet. The baby turned and they went on to have a beautiful birth at home with a doula.

Another baby was in a breech position, and together with the bi cornate shape of the mother’s uterus, meant that the safest option for her birth was a Caesarian section. With Happiness Counselling the mother was able to celebrate this form of birth and to lovingly let go of her wish for a ‘natural’ birth. 

To understand how Acupuncture works and my style of counselling, called Happiness Counselling, please go to these pages on my website.

To complete your holistic approach to your birth, I encourage you to look at my birth preparation course Birthing Together©. This is a holistic course looking at the mind, body and heart connection to birth. If you want to birth as a couple in freedom and in love, then this is the course for you!

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Breech Presentation and the use of Moxibustion.


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